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My first blog!


Hi My name is Rob Smith.

I am the MD of Green Recycling.

Driving dustcarts, delivering skips, dealing bins and trading waste - is in my blood. My grandfather was in the rubbish business back in 1947 and he went on to start up our first family firm. From 1947 and a 4 wheel Bedford tipper to 2019 a lot has changed, but a lot is still the same. We collect and dispose of other people's waste.

Setting up Green Recycling in 2001 was a proud and momentous time. My mum and dad came to work with me (as they still do today), but its not just a Smith family run business, I like to think that all of our team from the drivers to the office and management team to the guys and girls on the picking line - all feel part of our ever growing Green Recycling family.

I wanted to create a service that focused on getting business waste out of the landfill and into the recycling system. Back then, being green was innovative and fairly idealistic. But I knew with my lifelong experience, growing up in the waste management world along with my entrepreneurial itch to run a successful business, that somehow, I could set up to make a profit and be as forward thinking and environmentally conscious as possible.

We were recently interviewed by the Guardian who did a very insightful article on what actually happens to your waste and investigates the complex idiosyncrasies of the recycling trade, the laws, procedures, restrictions and markets. Like any business our first concern is to make enough money to keep going, to pay our staff and suppliers, cover our overheads and maintenance bills and to keep up with safety standards. Our values and concerns for the environment are clearly part of our vision statement and as a result its something we continually strive for and invest in.

I thought that I could help to de mystify the world of waste by starting this blog - and just have a corner of our website to vent my ramblings really, I hope you find it interesting, I'd be happy to get your opinions and comments back.

Here are a few subjects I'll be covering in my blog over the next few months:


Card and paper prices falling hard

Plastic bottles price on the rise

Metal down 35%

Driver safety on third party sites

Planning process for future development.-