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What We Recycle

  • Clean Corrugated Cardboard

What We Do Not Recycle

The Process and Final Destination

The cardboard waste is brought back to our MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) and the quality and age is then assessed, before being weighed.

Next, the cardboard is pushed onto the loading conveyor by our forklift or tele-hander which takes it towards the 50-tonne bailing machine. A final quality check is carried out on the conveyor prior to the bailing process.

The baler turns the loose cardboard
into 750Kg bales that are wire tied.

These are stored in our warehouse until
a 28-tonne load is ready for transport
to the cardboard mill.

The 750Kg cardboard bales are loaded
by forklift onto a waiting articulated
lorry. The vehicle will hold 28 tons of
cardboard and we aim to maximise
weight on each truck to reduce vehicle
movements and carbon footprint.

When the cardboard reaches the mill it is first put through a de-inking process and is then pulped and boiled to reduce the material size. It is then ready to have any waste contaminants removed before being turned into new cardboard products.

About Green Recyling

Green Recycling Ltd provides a wide range of tailor made waste management and recycling solutions to businesses & local authorities throughout the South East of England. With over 30 years experience the Company is at the forefront of Waste and Recycling technology, investing in state of the art equipment to help provide extra-ordinary levels of service to its client base. The family run company has grown steadily over the years to provide workable waste solutions to a complete range of clients.

Based in Maldon, Essex, Green Recycling is a leader in its field of providing Waste Disposal and Recycling services that work in partnership, bringing its customers environmental benefits as well as removing waste, thus enhancing quality of life for all.

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