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December 2019 and outlook of 2020


January starts with a new/old government and fresh hope for our industry. The markets for recycled material will hopefully pick up. Prices of mixed paper on both the export and domestic market are in minus figures!!

Cardboard (OCC)has a zero value, the last time I can remember this happening was 1996, but there is light on the horizon. Cardboard prices are already on the up and looking like a positive £20 per tonne for late Jan/early Feb.

The signs are that mix paper will follow shortly. We need this to help recycling rates increase. Plastic still has a high value from most grades which is fantastic news as it makes the effort to recycle it worthwhile.

New trucks - We welcome our new skip lorry to the fleet. It is a Scania 9 Litre, 4 x 2, 250 BHP, with super low emissions - its more fuel efficient and has a wider body - this allows us to get compactors loaded more easily as they go through the arms on the lorry.

We also have four new compactor coming in January this is a trend that we are increasingly seeing.

Compactors mean that the customer can get up to 6 times more in the cubic capacity area of the bin and so it reduces vehicle movements and therefore the carbon footprint.

In the final week of December we were granted planning permission for our new materials recycling facility (MRF). This is firmly aimed at recycling and separating different grades of plastics, which will allow us to find new innovative markets for PP, PU, LDPE, etc.

It will give us the space to recycle more and automate the separation systems. The building will also be fully insulated to reduce noise, the relationship between recycling facilities and our neighbours is a subject that always needs work, yes we need to recycle, but also be mindful of being a good neighbour.

The new building will really help with this.

In conclusion: Although the recycling basket price is at an all-time low at the moment - there are lots of green shoots of a good 2020 ahead.