Green Recycling are proud to be making commercially successful and effective environmental solutions in waste management, on a scale large enough to make a real impact. Our waste disposal service covers Essex including Maldon, Witham and Chelmsford.
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Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste once it has been collected by ourselves?…


Which bin do I need?

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Office Bin

Width: 302mm
Height: 866mm
Depth: 541mm

240l wheelie bin

Width: 583mm
Height: 1079mm
Depth: 737mm

660l wheelie bin

Width: 1373mm
Height: 1213mm
Depth: 780mm

1100l wheelie bin

Width: 1373mm
Height: 1354mm
Depth: 1073mm

2200l wheelie bin

Width: 2040mm
Height: 1400mm
Depth: 1000mm

6 cubic yard
Front End Loader skip

Width: 1803mm
Height: 1837mm
Depth: 1778mm

14 cubic yard
Rear End Loader skip

Width: 1676mm
Height: 1830mm
Depth: 4415mm

(roll-on, roll-off large skip)

Width: 2235mm
Height: 1494mm
Depth: 5790mm

(roll-on, roll-off large skip)

Width: 2235mm
Height: 2385mm
Depth: 5790mm

Waste hierarchy

  • Reduce,
  • Reuse,
  • Recycle

The waste hierarchy ranks the various waste management options in order of environmental impact.

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Its easy to be green!



If you are a regular listener of Heart radio, you may have already caught our new radio jingle...... it is catchy!


We have embarked on this radio advertising campaign throughout the day and the sponsorship of the local weather, with the intention of raising our brand awareness in the local business community.


The message is that no matter what company you work for, you CAN recycle your business waste, conveniently and cost effectively with Green Recycling.


Listen to the jingle here and see our YouTube video:

Keep going Dawn, it’s all down hill from here!!


Here at Green Recycling, we are all tracking Dawn’s progress and fanatically reading her blog which is a wonderful way to record this amazing and brave adventure. In the last week she has triumphantly crossed the halfway point on her solo row across the Atlantic.

She’s had highs, she’s had lows. She’s had 20ft waves, rain, thunder, wind pushing her in the wrong direction and then she’s welcomed some sunshine and helpful turning directional winds.

So admirably positive, Dawn reports on the awesome creatures she’s spotted, from the tropical birds, to the brightly coloured fish, to the delightful company of the dolphins and the turtles swimming along side her. Oh and not forgetting the……SHARK!!

Her determined tone takes a more dispirited edge when she writes about the daily record of plastic pollution that she is now witnessing, first hand in the middle of the ocean.

“Today I saw a blue bottle screw top. I have logged the positions, I am just putting them in my blog to remind me what the items were.

This campaign is aimed at highlighting the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. I am simply astounded that slap bang in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there is clear evidence of the sheer scale of the problem. Not one corner of our planet is safe from the damage us humans are doing to it.

Well done Dawn we are incredibly proud of you and delighted to be sponsoring your momentous campaign for this essential cause.


Track Dawn here:

Read her blog here:

Green Recycling Proudly Sponsor Dawn


Dawn Wood is rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 2019, to raise awareness of plastics polluting our oceans. Here at Green Recycling we believe this to be an incredible personal challenge and indeed are in total support of raising awareness of this serious problem.

BBC have reported on this brave challenge

and Dawn will be appearing on TV on the BBC Breakfast show on Monday December 17th where of course she will be sporting her Green Recycling T-shirt.

New Food Waste Website


We have designed and built a website dedicated to the food waste side of our business.

For more information on how we collect and recycle food waste 


In spite of commodity price low, dedication to recycling remains high.


Since January 2018, the recycling industry has seen a huge drop in the value of paper, card and all plastics. During the latter part of March card has shown a slow recovery, whilst paper has been even slower to pick up. The plastics market is virtually non existent - despite these challenging times for the industry, here at Green Recycling we continue in our commitment to investigating new ways of making the plastic waste we collect, useful. 

"Unfortunately, many of the current technologies that pioneer plastic waste reuse, such as reinforcing concrete etc require very clean types of plastic made of very specific polymers. One of the biggest issues is the processes that general plastic waste would have to go through to make it suitable. Specialist plant is required for those processes and the energy to power that plant make it both uneconomic, and more importantly non viable in terms of the environmental impact. However, we are determined to do all we can to reduce the devastating effect that waste plastic is having on our planet.

Our new intelligent Robot separator, Max can be programmed to recognise and pick certain types of plastic and we are always looking for opportunities to partner with local businesses to sponsor a programme to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics."

Rob Smith Managing Director


For more information contact



Green Recycling was formed to challenge the way waste disposal is handled in the UK. Rather than dumping unwanted resources in land fill, we opt to recycle waste so these resources are available for the next generation. Our team are experts in waste management and rubbish collections for business and the commercial sectors.

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