Green Recycling are proud to be making commercially successful and effective environmental solutions in waste management, on a scale large enough to make a real impact. Our waste disposal service covers Essex including Maldon, Witham and Chelmsford.
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25 Feb 10:38
New bins delivered to one of our sites! Did you know we also supply lockable bins for confidential waste?…

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Office Bin

Bin equivalent 1
Width: 302mm
Height: 866mm
Depth: 541mm
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240l wheelie bin

Bin equivalent 2
Width: 583mm
Height: 1079mm
Depth: 737mm
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660l wheelie bin

Bin equivalent 3
Width: 1373mm
Height: 1213mm
Depth: 780mm
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1100l wheelie bin

Bin equivalent 4
Width: 1373mm
Height: 1354mm
Depth: 1073mm
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2200l wheelie bin

Bin equivalent 5
Width: 2040mm
Height: 1400mm
Depth: 1000mm
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6 cubic yard
Front End Loader skip

Bin equivalent 6
Width: 1803mm
Height: 1837mm
Depth: 1778mm
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14 cubic yard
Rear End Loader skip

Bin equivalent 7
Width: 1676mm
Height: 1830mm
Depth: 4415mm
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(roll-on, roll-off large skip)

Bin equivalent 8
Width: 2235mm
Height: 1494mm
Depth: 5790mm
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(roll-on, roll-off large skip)

Bin equivalent 9
Width: 2235mm
Height: 2385mm
Depth: 5790mm
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Green Recycling was formed to challenge the way waste disposal is handled in the UK. Rather than dumping unwanted resources in land fill, we opt to recycle waste so these resources are available for the next generation. Our team are experts in waste management and rubbish collections for business and the commercial sectors.

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New Lorry - Won't be shiny for long!

Green new lorry

We started the new year, with a new skip lorry - which was straight out to work on the 2nd January.

We have also added to our Roll on Roll off fleet, with the delivery of 2 new units this week. 

Lots happening on site this year, as we are delighted that planning has been approved - so its full steam ahead with our new build plans.

What happens to your Rubbish - read Jamie's interview with the Guardian



Read the article here:

Expanding our team and growing the fleet.

Green new lorry jul19

This month we have welcomed two new members of staff to our team and 2 new vehicles to our fleet. Welcome to the Green Recycling Family!

We always have room for new recruits, if you are looking for a job as a driver, or in our yard or office, please get in touch by giving us a call 01621 842600.

Dawn pops in to visit Green Recycling.

Dawn visit

Dawn popped into see us here at Green Recycling, having returned from completing her amazing challenge of rowing solo across the Atlantic.

We heard all about her personal challenges and experiences and some fantastic tales of her time at sea.

She was so astonished by the waste plastic she came across throughout her journey, that she remains firmly committed to the cause of raising awareness and trying to get people to make small changes in their use of single use plastics.

Well done Dawn - you are incredible.

Its easy to be green!

Heart radio


If you are a regular listener of Heart radio, you may have already caught our new radio jingle...... it is catchy!


We have embarked on this radio advertising campaign throughout the day and the sponsorship of the local weather, with the intention of raising our brand awareness in the local business community.


The message is that no matter what company you work for, you CAN recycle your business waste, conveniently and cost effectively with Green Recycling.


Listen to the jingle here and see our YouTube video:

Rob smith



December 2019 and outlook of 2020

20 January 2020   

No more Brexit chat  - what a result!

January starts with a new/old government and fresh hope for our industry. The markets for recycled material will hopefully pick up. Prices of mixed paper on both the export and domestic market are in minus figures!!
Cardboard (OCC)has a zero value, the last time I can remember this happening was 1996, but there is light on the horizon. Cardboard prices are already on the up and looking like a positive £20 per tonne for late Jan/early Feb.
The signs are that mix paper will follow shortly. We need this to help recycling rates increase. Plastic still has a high value from most grades which is fantastic news as it makes the effort to recycle it worthwhile.
New trucks - We welcome our new skip lorry to the fleet. It is a Scania 9 Litre, 4 x 2, 250 BHP, with super low emissions - its more fuel efficient and has a wider body -  this allows us to get compactors loaded more easily as they go through the arms on the lorry.
We also have four new compactor coming in January this is a trend that we are increasingly seeing. Compactors mean that the customer can get up to 6 times more in the cubic capacity area of the bin and so it reduces vehicle movements and therefore the carbon footprint.
In the final week of December we were granted planning permission for our new materials recycling facility (MRF). This is firmly aimed at recycling and separating different grades of plastics, which will allow us to find new innovative markets for PP, PU, LDPE, etc.
It will give us the space to recycle more and automate the separation systems. The building will also be fully insulated to reduce noise, the relationship between recycling facilities and our neighbours is a subject that always needs work, yes we need to recycle, but also be mindful of being a good neighbour. The new building will really help with this.
In conclusion: Although the recycling basket price is at an all-time low at the moment -  there are lots of green shoots of a good 2020 ahead.
Blog story 2 rha logo on fleet

I would like to thank The RHA (Road Haulage Association) Waste and Recycling group for some inspiration behind this blog !!!

08 November 2019   

October and November saw lots of negativity about Brexit. Brexit will make buying trucks 16.5% more expensive, and make any new parts to be delivered to the uk more expensive, but will this in turn develop new industry within the UK to make us more self sufficient? 

We currently export 3.6 million tonnes of Waste/ Fuel (RDF) to Europe, if there are more border controls in place, then that waste material may be stuck in the UK and present a problem. I see that this is an issue, short term a massive problem, but in the medium term, if this means the UK gets more waste infrastructure to deal with its own waste and we can create electricity from it, surely that self sufficiency is a good thing? We certainly need more outlets to recycle and process our own waste . Exporting this around the world is madness.

Next up is the Residual waste disposal crisis. We have seen an increase of upto 10% on the amount it costs us to get rid of our residual waste - this has been seen throughout the industry. We also rely on 14% of our residual waste in the UK going to Europe. Holland are putting a levy on receiving refuse derived fuel ( RDF)  from other countries. RDF exports to Holland will face a tax of 32 Euros per tonne that will come into force in January, so that will surely slow down the amount of waste that Holland  will take from the UK. Prices will also be rising in April when the landfill tax goes up again. Testing times, and further encouragement for us to reduce, re use and recycle.

Paper recycling - we are currently struggling to get rid of our mixed paper grades, material we were getting £100 per tonne for (2 years ago), we are struggling to get £5 per ton for !!!!

Cardboard prices are down another £20 a tonne, to £30 per tonne - this has been as high as £140 per tonne within the last year.

On the opposite side of the coin is plastics. We have seen an increase of £200 per tonne for our mixed plastic bottles and our mixed film grades. We don't know why this has happened there is no rhyme or reason for it, but there is currently really strong demand for plastics. Quality is the key here, if the materials are really clean and well presented, with no contamination, we can achieve the best market rates.

We also have the "Greta effect" where we're being asked more and more by our customers to seperate waste, they want to be seen to be recycling  more and to have more social and corporate responsibility. This is good news for us - we can put more bins out - the customer separates waste better, giving us a cleaner, higher grade of material, that we can then recycle and sell on. Greta is getting people from all walks of life talking about recycling. This can only be a cause for good.

Finally, good news on wood recycling.!! There is a really strong market for wood at the moment, the Northern European  market is demanding wood for  power stations this winter. This means the price to dispose of wood, (that we have pay) is going down, so that's good news for us and we can pass these savings on to our customers.

So its a real mixed bag - a lot of negative stuff (Paper and Car) and some good stuff (Plastics and wood).

But that is what we do in the waste industry, we are always juggling the good and the bad and chasing the prices where ever we can.


My first Blog!

02 October 2019   

Hi My name is Rob Smith.

I am the MD of Green Recycling.

Driving dustcarts, delivering skips, dealing bins and trading waste - is in my blood. My grandfather was in the rubbish business back in 1947 and he went on to start up our first family firm. From 1947 and a 4 wheel Bedford tipper to 2019 a lot has changed, but a lot is still the same. We collect and dispose of other people's waste.

Setting up Green Recycling in 2001 was a proud and momentous time. My mum and dad came to work with me (as they still do today), but its not just a Smith family run business, I like to think that all of our team from the drivers to the office and management team to the guys and girls on the picking line -  all feel part of our ever growing Green Recycling family.

I wanted to create a service that focused on getting business waste out of the landfill and into the recycling system. Back then, being green was innovative and fairly idealistic. But I knew with my lifelong experience, growing up in the waste management world along with my entrepreneurial itch to run a successful business, that somehow, I could set up to make a profit and be as forward thinking and environmentally conscious as possible.

We were recently interviewed by the Guardian who did a very insightful article on what actually happens to your waste and investigates the complex idiosyncrasies of the recycling trade, the laws, procedures, restrictions and markets. Like any business our first concern is to make enough money to keep going, to pay our staff and suppliers, cover our overheads and maintenance bills and to keep up with safety standards. Our values and concerns for the environment are clearly part of our vision statement and as a result its something we continually strive for and invest in.

I thought that I could help to de mystify the world of waste by starting this blog - and just have a corner of our website to vent my ramblings really, I hope you find it interesting, I'd be happy to get your opinions and comments back.

Here are a few subjects I'll be covering in my blog over the next few months:

Card and paper prices falling hard
Plastic bottles price on the rise
Metal down 35%
Driver safety on third party sites
Planning process for future development..

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