Green Recycling are proud to be making commercially successful and effective environmental solutions in waste management, on a scale large enough to make a real impact. Our waste disposal service covers Essex including Maldon, Witham and Chelmsford.
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Services - Recycling Card/Cardboard/OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard)

Green Recycling cover the Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, and Suffolk areas for the collection and recycling of card/cardboard/OCC.

We collect from offices, factories, shops, local authorities and schools.

750Kg bales of cardboard (OCC) 1100 litre dedicated cardboard (OCC) 10 cubic yard FEL (Front End Loader)
750Kg bales of cardboard (OCC) ready for despatch. 1100 litre dedicated cardboard (OCC) container ready for collection by us. 10 cubic yard FEL (Front End Loader) container for customer to load into ready for us to collect.
40 yard ro ro cardboard bailer
40 cubic yard RO/RO (Roll on/Roll off) container for bulk cardboard collections. This service is mainly used by our customers in the manufacturing sector. Once full we bring the material back to our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) to process and send on for recycling. We can also rent or supply balers to enable you to bale your card/cardboard on-site. Once baled, we can then collect the heavy compacted bales from your site which will help to reduce transport costs and carbon footprint.

What happens to the cardboard next?

The cardboard is brought back into our MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) and the quality/age of the card is assessed. It is then weighed on our on-site weighbridge.

Yes please - Clean corrugated cardboard boxes
No thank you - Wet soggy cardboard
Plastic wrapping
Any food contamination

Next the cardboard is pushed onto the loading conveyor by our forklift or telehandler which takes it towards the 50 ton baling machine. There is always a final quality check carried out on this conveyor prior to the baling process.

The baler turns the loose cardboard into 750Kg bales that are wire tied. These are stored in our warehouse until a 28 ton load is ready for transport to the cardboard mill.

wood chip

The final destination

The 750Kg cardboard (OCC) bales are loaded by forklift onto a waiting articulated lorry. The vehicle will hold 28 tons of cardboard and we aim to maximise weight on each truck to reduce vehicle movements and carbon footprint.

When the cardboard reaches the mill it is first put through a de-inking process and is then pulped and boiled (to reduce the material size). It is then ready to have any waste contaminants removed before being turned into new cardboard products.

This represents the complete cycle of cardboard recycling from consumer, to collector, the processesor and the end of the chain the cardboard mill.

This completes the feed loop of this product and gives our customers complete peace of mind of where their products end up. Additionally Green Recycling audits all hauliers and re-processors on a regular basis to check waste carriers and site licences/exemptions.

Why should I recycle cardboard?

  • It is good for the environment
  • As cardboard is made from wood pulp recycling it saves trees from being cut down. Saves natural resources
  • Carbon footprint is reduced as it takes less energy to recycle cardboard compared to manufacturing new material
  • Less waste to landfill
  • It saves money


Should you require, we can provide you with recycling data for all collections.

Sale of material

We also sell high quality products, please enquire on 01621 842600

To discuss your cardboard recycling requirements please contact us on 01621 842600